Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wess Reads Comics - Week of 2/1/17

Each week, Wess grabs a few issues from his stack of comics to share his thoughts with you. If you're looking for a place for brief, initial impressions, then this is it! Have questions about books that Wess didn't review? Then leave a comment below!

Batman #16
Written by: Tom King
Art by: David Finch & Jordie Bellaire
Published by: DC Comics

Tom King continues his soon-to-be-classic run on Batman as he begins an arc he's been building to for a while in 'I Am Bane' by bringing most of the Bat-family together. And by bringing them together I mean grabbing some burgers? As Bruce prepares to batten down the hatches for Bane's arrival in Gotham, he, the Robins, and Duke meet at a Batburger to receive marching orders. Here, each panel is funnier than the last as we see Bruce come to grips with other profiting off of his crusade (and making light of it), one of the best scenes we've ever seen between Dick, Jason, and Damian; and the stunning revelation that....SPOILERS....Bruce eats his hamburger with a fork and knife. After reading through this scene, I want nothing more than a 'Robins' book that features Dick, Jason, and Damian hanging out all the time. Especially with Jason's tragic past and dark dealings, I forget sometimes how comfortable he can be around his brothers. At the same time, it is a little sad to think about how these young men might have lived if it had not been for the tragedies in their lives and the indoctrination by the Batman. The issue does end on a cliff-hanger that I won't reveal here, other than to say, I'm sure it gets resolved on the first panel of the next issue (which would be my only complaint about the issue). 

Short version: I absolutely loved this issue and will probably reread it a few times before it gets stored away. If you're not reading Batman, now is the time to jump on; although you should probably read issues #1-15 first to clear some things up.

Grade: A+


DC Comics
  • Batman #16 by Tom King, David Finch, & Jordie Bellaire
  • Detective Comics Vol. 1 - Rise of the Batmen TPB by James Tynion IV, Al Barrionuevo, Raúl Fernández, Ever Ferreira, & Eddy Barrows
  • Green Lanterns #16 by Sam Humphries, Neil Edwards, Jay Leisten, Keith Champagne, & Blond
  • Justice League #14 by Bryan Hitch, Daniel Henriques, & Alex Sinclair
  • Nightwing #14 by Tim Seeley, Marcus To, & Chris Sotomayor
  • Superman #16 by Patrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi, Tony Daniel, Clay Mann, Sandu Florea, Seth Mann, & Dines Ribeiro

Marvel Comics
  • Darth Maul #1 by Cullen Bunn, Luke Ross, & Nolan Woodard

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