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Wess Reads Comics - Week of 5/3/17

Each week, Wess grabs a few issues from his stack of comics to share his thoughts with you. If you're looking for a place for brief, initial impressions, then this is it! Have questions about books that Wess didn't review? Then leave a comment below!

Batman #22
Credit: DC Comics
Plot by: Joshua Williamson & Tom King
Script by: Williamson
Art by: Jason Fabok
Colors by: Brad Anderson
Letters by: Deron Bennett
Cover by: Fabok & Anderson

"The Button" continues this week in part 3 of 4 in the Batman/Flash crossover. This issue features a particularly gut-wrenching interaction between Bruce and Thomas Wayne; with two Batmen who should not exist simultaneously. For readers who enjoyed Flashpoint, or simply the idea of Flashpoint, this issue is a great follow-up to that series and explores what happened after the Flash came back to our universe/timeline/multiverse thingy.

The best and worst thing about this issue is that it really only now feels like it is making some headway into delving deeper into the mystery of the button. It feels more like it would have played better as the second issue of the arc to set up more of a payoff later. But that really isn't the fault of Batman #22.

For anyone who's ever lost a dad, this issue carries an extra, intense, punch in the face. You can't help but feel for Bruce and what it means for him to come to terms with the fact that he can't have his dad back, even though he's standing right in front of him.

Grade: A


DC Comics
  • Bane: Conquest #1 by Chuck Dixon, Graham Nolan, Gregory Wright, & Carlos M. Mangual
  • Batman #22 by Joshua Williamson, Tom King, Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson, & Deron Bennett
  • Green Lanterns #22 by Sam Humphries, Ronan Cliquet, Hi-Fi, & Dave Sharpe
  • Justice League #20 by Bryan Hitch, Daniel Henriques, Andrew Currie Paul Neary, Alex Sinclair, Jeromy Cox, Pete Pantazis, Richard Starkings, & Comicraft
  • Nightwing #20 by Tim Seeley, Javier Fernandez, Chris Sotomayor, & Carlos M. Mangual
  • Superman #22 by Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza, Ray McCarthy, Will Quintana, & Rob Leigh

  • Secret Empire #1 by Nick Spencer, Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, Matthew Wilson, & VC's Travis Lanham

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